The advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the recent years has present an opportunity for the IT managers and the senior officials in the government to change the way organizations leverage and value their information assets. With the ability to easy access of information mission delivery, resource management and data dissemination can be raised to levels which were previously not at all possible. In contrasts to the private industrial and business/government organizations are measured not by profits and losses, but by their ability to deliver upon their mission. Regardless of this mission, the ability to understand the citizen and the ability to use the resources are the key factors in matching services to citizen needs.

At times, government departments might have come across shortages or resources in one department and excess of resources in the other. This could be due to non-availability of proper data and facilities to disseminate information. Even if government departments are computerized and networked more for the purpose of Internet usage and mail transfer, the information available in one department, which possess the data could not be utilized in other department. This is because the information is stored in different formats, in different platforms and in heterogeneous different data base systems.

iCUBE Lab combines rich domain experience and a world-class pool of talent to provide governments with a gamut of services that encompass the entire e-Governance life cycle. Our services help government agencies improve operational efficiencies, reduce project costs, speed up implementation cycles, and become more citizen-friendly.

Our track record in government projects is unmatched. We have successfully implemented hundreds of e-Governance projects across a variety of domains, including transport, urban development, land records, education, healthcare, ports and shipping, dairy, taxation, property registration, etc.

Our e-Governance Services:

>> End-to-End IT Solutions

Customized Software Development.

System Integration.

Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Data Centers .

IT Infrastructure Services.

>> Turnkey Projects

>> Consultancy Services

Business Planning and IT Strategy Consulting .

IT Project Management and Consulting

Security Consulting .

Network and IT Infrastructure Consulting .

Capacity Building and Training .

Data Warehousing/Data Mining.






Launching office in Sydney

Icube Lab is opening contact office in sydney very shortly.



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